Ten years ago, Cadman Group recognized the scope of change in the commercial real estate world was lagging behind technological advancement. The industry had little investment in advancement and was also probably not very receptive to very much anyway! We decided that we wanted to be on the forefront, taking Cadman Group into the technological revolution in terms of information, communication, and analysis.

One of our first investments was in AppFolio. AppFolio was forging itself as an innovator in a space that was being ignored – cloud based property management software for the “boutique” more “client focused” segment of our industry.  This week, we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary as an AppFolio client. We are proud that not only has AppFolio enabled us to change in positive ways, but that AppFolio has used Cadman Group in a way to guide them to what the small to medium boutique commercial real estate sector needed. Our goal was to be more efficient, to lease space quicker to a wider audience of potential tenants, to collect rent faster, and to give our clients a better ROI on their investment in Cadman Group.  AppFolio has been a major cog in the machine that has provided just that.

Thank you, and Happy Anniversary, AppFolio! 

Click here to enjoy this Flashback featuring Neil Cadman on our partnership with AppFolio, courtesy of their website.