We Reached Out To You.  You Responded.

Last month we reached out to you in seeking a non-profit with whom to partner who would help us in supporting equal opportunities, focusing on areas of diversity and education. You responded with wonderful options, so many that it was difficult for us to choose. But after much careful consideration and research, we have decided to partner with Together We Rise, a Los Angeles-based non-profit focusing on the most vulnerable of our population – foster kids. There are nearly 500,000 kids in foster care in the United States. In Southern California, there are 250,000 foster kids being helped by Together We Rise each day, and over 55% of them are Black and Hispanic.


The Stats.

Twenty thousand kids age out of foster care each year. This transition to adult life is never easy, particularly when they have faced so much already as children. They are taking on new challenges all alone, from education to employment to housing and finance, as well as making sure that their basic needs are being met with their physical and mental health. For those who have been able to navigate getting into college they are now facing new hardships. Hardships that are even more compounded in the Covid19 pandemic, when college campuses are closing for onsite classes and students who live on campus are being forced to move out of their dorms. These students who have now aged out of the foster program are now at risk of homelessness.

Our Cadman Cares Campaign.

While we can’t solve the problem for all of them, every little bit counts and makes a difference in the lives of these kids. Partnering with Together We Rise, we at Cadman Group are so pleased to launch a Cadman Cares Matching Campaign to help provide these students with food, technology, travel expenses, utilities, medical and, yes, housing during this time of crisis, focusing on those students who are right here in Southern California, where we have more kids in foster care than anywhere else in the United States.

How You Can Help.

We are ready to make this happen. Between now and October 30th, join us in raising money for foster youth in college. To donate, please click here.


Cadman Cares is the charitable giving arm of Cadman Group, boutique commercial real estate services firm, serving Southern California. To learn more about Cadman Cares go to CadmanCares.com.  For more information on Cadman Group, go to CadmanGroup.net.  Follow along at the hashtag #cadmancares or via our social media links below.