The Blackstone Apartments are a historic landmark built in 1923. It was once better known as the Blackstone Hotel. This beautiful building is a perfect example of the beginning development of high-rise residential structures on Ocean Boulevard in the nineteen twenties. Along with the neighboring buildings, it is a strong visual link to an important period in the history of Long Beach. This Renaissance Revival architectural style is typical of high-rise buildings of the period. It was built as part of Long Beach’s economic boom in the twenties, in which the combination of new jobs and the city’s prominence as a beach resort created a surge in a demand for new housing. Today, the Blackstone Apartments is home to tenants of all ages. It is now seen as a unique and charming old-style living.

The Blackstone has 106 studio-style and one bedroom units and is located across from the Pike and the Aquarium of the Pacific in the heart of downtown Long Beach. It is one block away from Pine street, a short walk from the Promenade, and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, businesses, nightclubs, and various transportation lines. The Blackstone offers affordable living and provides a friendly, peaceful living ambiance.


214 Main Street #361
El Segundo, CA 90245