Maria Pinto has been a team member here at Cadman Group since 1998 as Resident manager For over a year now, Maria has been battling breast cancer. Here is her story…

It was in early 2018 when Maria got the call. She had gone to her long-time doctor for her annual check up in March along with a routine mammogram, and was shocked when the result came back positive. It began what was a very rough year.

Thankfully, Maria has a great doctor who has been taking care of her and her family for over twenty-five years. He knew just what to do and wasted no time in sending her to see a specialist right away so she was able to begin treatment. With a firm belief in the mind-body connection, that in staying positive and being grateful for all the good things in her life, she believes that her treatment will prevail as she continues to battle on with a heart full of gratitude and a positive outlook.

Maria recommends that everyone to be sure and schedule your annual physical with your doctor and to alert your physician any time you feel something different in your body. If you do get a positive result, as she did, keep in touch with your doctor on step-by-step specifics to help you to manage your treatment and your expectations. Questions such as, “From this point on, what is my next step? What should I do or not do?” She also encourages everyone to learn everything you can about what you have.

When asked how she stays so positive, Maria said, “I have analyzed my whole life of everything that has been good and bad. From there, I realize that you must go through these times to become a stronger person. Plus, I have my family and my work that keeps me going. Also, you must consider that there are different kinds of people.   You can always take the easy way out by feeling sorry for yourself, but that is definitely NOT me. You need to find your purpose of why you need to stay alive and you should always be grateful.”

We are very grateful to have Maria on our team here at Cadman Group.   We are cheering for you, Maria, and appreciate your willingness to share your courageous story so that others might be more informed.

Cadman Groupies gather to raise awareness for breast cancer research, and to support Maria in her journey.

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