If Angie Pearson could be described in five words, those words would be disciplined, communicator, relator, strategic, and WOO – (the ability to) Win Others Over.

Angie’s 20+ years of work experience began in real estate with her first job in high school, at an escrow office. At this young age, she learned about real estate transactions, title companies, and mortgages/finance.

She continued working there during her first year in college. During this time, a real estate agent offered her a job at his property management firm. She worked for him for nearly a year and then took a position at a law firm specializing in real estate transactions and estate planning. With the housing market falling, this new role taught her the other side of the real estate coin — foreclosures. She worked at the firm for five years and then began a career in auto finance law.

Ever since her first job, Angie thought a career in real estate could be interesting and fun, so last year she decided was the perfect time to take real estate classes. Earlier this year, when an opportunity arose at Cadman Group, she jumped at the chance. While she always thought her first step in real estate would be on the residential side, Cadman Group provides experience in both property management and commercial real estate arenas.

Angie is excited to join us here at Cadman Group at a time when the company is looking to grow and expand in exciting new directions. She hopes to grow and learn along with the team as we all work toward taking Cadman Group to the next level.

Angie grew up in Los Angeles’s South Bay and has been fortunate to raise her children in that great community. Weekends are spent at ball parks watching her children play sports. If they aren’t there you can find them at the beach.

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