We love our team and we’re excited to share their stories. This week we’re pleased to introduce you to Cypress Townpark Apartment’s resident manager, Seana Martin.  Located in a quiet, well-established neighborhood, Cypress Townpark features 75 two-story townhouses congregated around a sparkling pool and patio. Each townhouse is designed to feel private, with direct or adjacent access to assigned parking, and the tree-studded property is offset from city streets to ensure a peaceful environment for Cypress Townpark residents. Townpark resident manager Seana brings friendly, professional customer service and a dash of fun to our team, especially if you happen to see her in a holiday season, where she really steps up the festivities.

“I love decorating for the holidays and being that crazy person that goes overboard, plus I love to bake!”

It might be a good time to reach out to her when she’s in baking mode if you like cookies and cupcakes, since those are her go-to baking efforts and they’re quite sharable.

Seana grew up in Oceanside and has been with Cadman Group since early 2017. She appreciates her job and loves her fellow Cadman Groupies.

“Everyone is there to help each other out as a team.”

But what she really loves is her interactions with her building’s tenants.

“I like being a part of my tenant’s chapters. I think of our lives as a book and we all have different chapters, turning pages from just starting a relationship and moving into the next phase of sharing a first apartment together, to another chapter of newlyweds getting their first home, or to another chapter as a family that increases in size. I get to help them start and to be able to hear their stories and see their joy.”

Seana has loved all the changes she’s been able to make at Cypress Townpark, even though it’s hard work to manage things like painting the exterior buildings, adding Hardie boards to the buildings for accent, replacing carport pillars and fencing, and repaving the driveway. Finding the right balance between getting the work done efficiently while minimizing the impact on her tenants is a challenge, but Seana is the always conscious about keeping her tenants happy to
the best of her abilities. She’s excited to continue to nurture the Cypress Town Park Apartments property, including fun updates to the landscaping to enhance the new beauty that has evolved from previous exterior work.

When asked if she has a favorite story about her time at Cypress Townpark, Seana says that there’s not just one moment, but rather talks about how much she enjoys “the daily chit chat and catching up with residents. I also do enjoy the Community Events, especially when the competition hits with decorating contest.”

We are grateful to have Seana and her positive energy in our complex all year round.

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