So, you’re moving. There are a million things to do and the boxes, both empty and full, are daunting. Whether you’re switching homes or moving to a new office space, it’s always an opportunity for a fresh start. Junk can accumulate quickly if you’re not on top of it, especially when you’ve been in a place for a long time. Chances are that it’s time to take a good look at what you’re taking with you and what you’re willing to let go.

Here are our top tips on items to consider getting rid of when you’re making a move.

1. Clothes. We all have that dusty jacket in the back of the closet. Clothes, shoes, coats – if you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you never will. Your trash may be someone else’s treasure. Sifting through each piece of your wardrobe and taking a moment to consider whether you still need it or not is worth your time. You’ll have less unpacking to do and you’ll make someone else happy by donating it or selling it.  And while you’re at it, get rid of the wire hangers and start fresh with new, matching hangers in your new home.
2. Old medicine. That Daytime Cold medicine that you’ve been saving for if and when you’re hit with this season’s cold is actually expired. Toss it out and make a list of things you need to replace if you like to keep certain items on hand. Be sure to throw away old medicine in a way that no one can be harmed by it – kids, pets or anyone who might find it in your trash. Here’s the FDA’s list of proper methods for disposing old medicine.
3. Old chargers. If you have no idea what it might plug in to then you probably no longer have the device with which it’s associated. Time to get rid of it.
4. Aging pillows. Bed pillows should be replaced about once a year. Each night as we sleep, our bodies shed old skin cells and oils, making our pillows smell over time. Old pillows also attract dust mites and the weight of our heads will cause our pillows to gradually become misshapen, which can cause issues with the alignment of your spine. Out with the old!
5. Old towels & sheets. See number 4 regarding the body shedding skin cells and oils and then vow to make a fresh start.
6. Instruction manuals. If they exist, they probably exist online. Recycle these and join the modern age.
7. Old documents. Go through your files. You’re bound to find that what you once felt was important to keep, is no longer necessary. Shred anything that has information inside that can be harmful to you such as your personal information, banking information or identification details.
8. Condiments. You don’t need to move that nearly empty bottle of catsup or the three different bottles of half-used vinegar. Check the dates and ask yourself if it’s worth it, then let it go and start fresh with your clean new fridge in your clean new space.
9. Outdated shoes. While that heel may very well come back in style one day, the fact that at that point the shoe will be old and dusty probably indicates that it’s not worth hanging on to. Donate old shoes and clothing items to someone else who really needs it.
10. That Box of Old Electronics. It sits in your garage and you have always meant to go through it to see if there’s anything you need in there. You probably don’t. Recycle the items properly and free yourself of yet one more task.

Moving is already an overwhelming task. Free yourself of some of the little things and make a fresh start.

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